“Who are you? Are we enemies? Why am I on this wall? Where is Buttercup?”

(…said Westley to Inigo Montoya at a critical moment in The Princess Bride…)

Today’s post is all about you. I would love to know who’s out there on the other side of this screen, and that’s why today, I’m extending a special invitation to any and all of my readers to comment — especially if you’ve never commented before! Who are you? No pressure, of course, but really, I’d love to know. You don’t need to tell me your real name, or whether you’ve read my book, or any of that garbage, unless you care to. Just tell me whatever you want — maybe who you are, where you are, and, if you feel like it, an extra tidbit about you. Perhaps you, too, have a favorite favorite you’d like to share. Perhaps you have a question about cupcakes to pose to the world, or a suggestion for dinner. Hm. I’m hungry.

I’ll go first. I’m Kristin. I’m a writer. I live in North Florida. I love brass quintets. And Johnny Depp notwithstanding, my favorite pirate is the Dread Pirate Roberts.
EDIT at 6:20pm EST: A friendly reminder to anyone reading this post on LiveJournal that I will not see your comments unless you leave them on my actual blogspot blog. :o)