When the Aliens Look Down on Us, What Must They Think?

Before I get to the alien question (and the dominoes) — Cindy Pon, accomplished fantasy author and artist, just interviewed me for The Enchanted Inkpot. She does not pull punches with her questions; the interview is here.

And now:

The first piece of awesome, via my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer… I never thought I could get so stressed out about an armadillo and some dominoes.

Second, via Laura… maybe this is what publishers should do in lieu of book trailers!

Finally — via a couple people, most recently my pal SMJ — have you seen this yet? This happened at a train station in Antwerp and completely surprised all the travelers waiting for trains. (It was a promotion for a TV reality show in which contestants compete to win the role of Maria in a theatrical production of The Sound of Music.)

Sometimes it breaks my heart how much I love our planet.