What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I know I have a book coming out on September 19 (which you can pre-order at Powell’sAmazon, B&N, or your local independent bookstore, *cough*), and that’s supposed to be the only thing I’m thinking about.

But the truth is that I’m mostly thinking about another book: the one I’ve written 330 pages of so far and am about to start rewriting (again) from the beginning (again) because I keep learning new, important plot things that change everything that went before.

Here it is divided up by chapters, with post-its to remind me of the major things that need to change.

This book is told from multiple perspectives… Including the perspectives of some underwater creatures.

So these are some of the pictures hanging in my office, to set the mood.

There are some important ships in the book too, so these are on my desk.

This is where I’m supposed to be right now, working on the damn thing, but it feels too hard at the moment, so I’m at the other desk, writing this blog post instead :o).

My book plan.

A note taped to my lamp, and a thing I keep trying to believe. SIGH.

Godspeed to all writers.