Two Upcoming Local Events

It snowed again yesterday, heavy, wet flakes this time. I walked home from a friend’s house late last night and the falling snow was sparkling; the mountains of snow lining the streets and consuming people’s yards were sparkling. This winter is like being trapped inside a snow globe. It is a little bit claustrophobic, but it’s also kind of magical. Many, many cars are still completely encased in mounds of snow. We’re expecting a blizzard this weekend. Tonight it will be 0°F (-18°C) and I have bedazzled my fingernails for a party.

On Tuesday, March 3, Marie Rutkoski is coming to town and she and I will be doing an event together at 7 PM at the Harvard Book Store. Yay! Do come! The event is to celebrate the release of Marie’s book The Winner’s Crime, sequel to The Winner’s Curse, both of which are SO WONDERFUL, and I’m so excited to talk about it with her. The event is also to celebrate the release of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I HAVE WRITTEN, because I am SO SLOW and still have nothing new out. But! Things are in the works, I swear. Please come to our event and ask us lots of questions!

Also, on Thursday, March 19, I will be participating in an MIT Communications Forum entitled Coming of Age in Dystopia: The Darkness of Young Adult Fiction. It’s from 5-7 PM and here’s the blurb: “Why are brutal dystopias, devastating apocalyptic visions, and tales of personal trauma such a staple of young adult literature? Kristin Cashore, author of the award-winning Graceling Realm trilogy, and the University of Florida’s Kenneth Kidd will explore the history and current preoccupations of one of the most popular forms of fiction today. Marah Gubar, an associate professor in MIT’s Literature department, will moderate.” It’s an honor to be invited to participate in one of MIT’s Communications Forums, and this is going to be an interesting topic to get into deeply. You should all come to that, too! I’ll get organized and put both of these events onto my Appearance Schedule soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to get them onto people’s radars.