Two Reminders and a Question

Hi everyone! I’m sneaking in a Wednesday post just to remind y’all about my live chat at readergirlz this evening at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. The chat will take place here and last an hour; feel free to stop by!

Also, the blog tour has begun; the schedule is here if you’re interested in following along.

And now, the question. First, some context: I’m preparing for the Sirens conference in Vail in October, and am thinking a lot about language and identity. Do you have a favorite word or words? If so, will you share it/them with me in the comments, and explain why you love that word or words? And if it’s appropriate, may I incorporate your comment into the speech I’m writing? I will, of course, cite you. ^_^

ETA: What about least favorite words? Please feel free to share/explain them, too!

Please remember that I only see comments posted at my Blog Actual. (Although I’m not sure this even matters at the moment, because livejournal feed syndication seems to be broken, so no one on lj is getting my posts this week anyway! AAARGH!)


Thanks! Tomorrow I’ll return to my normal M/Th blogging schedule.