Today’s Election-Free Zone: Links to Beautiful Umbrellas

Let’s start big: The magical unicorn umbrella promises to allow you to “Summon unicorns whilst staying dry.” Disclaimer: “Unicorn sightings may vary depending on the strength of your imagination and the drugs you’ve consumed.”

Whatever. Look at the handle. It obviously summons unicorns. Available at

Next up: This clear dome umbrella has an adorable street scene… and this one is a birdcage!

A Lulu Guinness umbrella, sadly out of stock at

Next up, Bella Umbrella is a gorgeous umbrella store in Seattle. In addition to selling beautiful umbrellas, here are the vintage umbrellas they offer for rental (beautifully arranged by color!)… and here’s an example of the umbrella wall they will help you build, should happen to require an umbrella wall, which is a completely normal human need.

One of the gorgeous vintage umbrellas at Bella Umbrella…

Next, check out the umbrellas and parasols at Parasolerie Heurtault in Paris. Functional umbrellas that are also pure art…

And, also in Paris, the Alexandra Sojfer collection. Alexandra’s umbrellas are handmade in her in-house workshop, and they are SO ELEGANT. I know because I have one, and in fact, I may as well end this post with some pictures of a couple of my own umbrellas… randomly chosen, because they’re the two I felt like photographing today.

This is my Alexandra Sojfer umbrella.

Inside detail.

My “Images d’Épinal” umbrella; paper dolls from Épinal, France.


Come back to the blog tomorrow for comforting scenes of Earth, from the perspective of the moon.