Today I Ate Honey-Mustard Skyr

(Instead of tartar sauce with my fish and chips.)

Here’s just a tiny fraction of the pictures I want to show you (because otherwise, I’ll spend the whole night blogging):

 A view of downtown Reykjavík from the tower of Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s tallest building.


 With houses that look like these…

 and these…

 and these…

 and these… I don’t understand why so many of the houses in my country are so colorless!

 Here are a few scenes of things I liked around town…

 …places that are lived in.
 A window at street level.

 If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know
how much I love buildings that show signs of past lives…

Hallgrímskirkja is visible from lots of spots all over town.


 This is why I didn’t go into business.

 In the Reykjavík Kirkjugarður (graveyard), I made a friend. By the time we parted,
I was covered with cat fur. That’s okay – maybe it provided an extra layer of warmth.
(By New England standards, it’s proper winter here!)

 I saw these BONKERS rings in a shop window.

 Can you imagine wearing
this on your finger?

And thus, my dear readers, my location is revealed: I’m in Iceland. I’m writing, sightseeing, exploring… and eventually, weather permitting, driving counterclockwise along the coast to Akureyri. I hope I’ll have time to share pictures all along the way!