This Never Happened When I Worked in Midtown Manhattan

Cantabrigians, how happy you make me on rainy days with your diverse display of beautiful, colorful umbrellas. I’ve lived in so many places where people think the only color for an umbrella is black.

It turns out it’s hard to take pictures of people’s colorful umbrellas (while also holding an umbrella and various other things yourself) without either freaking people out or dropping your phone into a puddle, so instead, I tried to take a picture of my own umbrella this morning… I think there was a mirror inside this establishment (see the square behind the black cabinet, which contains a tiny bright rectangle that is the reflection of me in the window? (THANK YOU JD FOR FIGURING THAT OUT)), so there’s some kind of weird double reflection going on. To be honest, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the double reflection at the time. I couldn’t see a mirror in there, and my puzzled peering seemed to be confusing the people inside, so finally I gave up. (But I get it now, thanks to JD. These parentheticals were added to this post later.  I’m sorry everything about this post is so confusing!)