These Photos Speak for Themselves

An alternative title to this post is “France is Yummy: Miscellany.”

These are not all my meals. My companions — fellow authors, publishing folk and interpreters — became accustomed to me leaning over their shoulders with my iPhone.

Please forgive me for the fact that in some cases, I can’t remember what these dishes were, and also for the fact that I don’t have time tonight to identify the ones I do remember!  In some cases, it should be obvious what they are – tea, pizza, salad, souffle, fish and chips, cheese. I discovered one day that my belly has a cheese limit; beyond this limit, cheesebellyachus sets in. This is a nonfatal condition that leaves one with the genuine quandary of whether it is worth it to continue eating cheese. There are things you might never discover about yourself unless you visit France.

Click on them to make them big and beautiful. A few notes: No, the raw stuff was not mine – it was Gail Carriger‘s — she’s a much more adventurous eater than I am. The gorgeous nail polish wasn’t mine, either — that belonged to Annaïg Houesnard, lovely translator and interpreter.

The marketing and communications director at
Le Livre de Poche, Manuel Soufflard, was very
excited about his dessert.