These Are the People in Your Neighborhood, Part Deux

Action Katsa —->

I wish that instead of being a random person who just went for a run along the Charles River, I were a videographer who just went for a walk along the Charles River with all my equipment. There was, of course, all the usual activity: backed-up rush-hour traffic; heavy foot and bike commuter traffic on the paths; bikers, runners, and walkers exercising; people walking their dogs; people doing tai chi; people sitting on benches, smoking pot; confused tourists; hordes of geese pretty much parking themselves wherever they wanted and biting anyone who lacked the wisdom to give them a wide berth. And, it was raining slightly, so: PRETTY UMBRELLAS. But also, ALSO, it’s The Head of the Charles this weekend (that’s this big-ass rowing competition), so there were hundreds of boats and thousands of rowers traveling up and down the river, practicing, while their coaches yelled at them from speedboats. There were brawny people putting up tents, vendors driving their trucks across the grass, Massachusetts park rangers looking on with confusion and concern, and it seemed to me that Samsonite (the luggage company) was building some sort of large inflatable interactive thing. Like, a bouncy house? A water slide? Who knows. The moment I really wished I had my camera was when the Harvard skiing team went whizzing past (dodging tourists and geese) on very long roller blades with ski poles.

Maybe I can get out and take some pictures of the rowing tomorrow.