There’s Nothing We Can’t Face (Except for Bunnies)

Thursday randutiae!

First, the cover of Fire, French adult edition (published by Orbit France). ——–>

Second, a new addition to the Gallery of My Favorite Objects. Here’s a bunny I faced the other day:

And here’s his antelope (?) and canine (?) friends. I faced them, too.

These fingers puppets were made by Donna Marbet, and I got them at the Cambridge Artists Cooperative in Harvard Square. The nails were painted by me. :o)

Moving on: for you poor, patient souls who are not Buffy fans and put up with me anyway, my title today is a line from a song in the Buffy musical episode. You can listen to it here. And here’s my favorite song in the episode, just ‘cuz, well, yeah, okay, I’m trying to convert you.

Next up, behind this link is an article by Paul Campos and Marilyn Wann about fat politics — specifically about how, in their words, “it’s simply wrong to judge people based on what they weigh.” Read it, do! Hat-tip goes to Rebecca Rabinowitz, who blogs about children’s literature, queer theory, fat politics, and other cups of tea at There’s a Botticelli Angel Inside, Snapping Beans.

Penultimately, here’s a happy thing: it’s getting warmer, and my orchids are looking like they’re thinking about flowering again. yAt!

Finally: buon viaggio to two very special travelers who depart tomorrow for a place they haven’t been in a looooong time. Mom and Dad, have fun in Italy. Mom, if anyone teases you for having a Sicilian accent, kick them in the culo.

And that’s today’s randutiae.