The Tall Ships Are Here

I’m generally not one to stand in long lines in the heat voluntarily, but there are some things I will line up for.
The tall ships have come to Boston for the 4th of July! I visited Brazil’s Cisne Branco, Colombia’s Gloria, Ecuador’s Guayas, and Indonesia’s Dewaruci at South Boston’s Fish Pier. (FYI, the Charlestown Navy Yard is also overrun with tall ships. Tall ship visitation info is here.)
I boarded the Guayas. Guys, I have never seen so many ropes in my life.
 Notice that each notch is labeled, so that you can read which sail each rope belongs to.
And now, some flags.

 This is for my Brazilian readers.
 This is for my Colombian readers.
 This is for my Ecuadorian readers.
 This is for my Indonesian readers.

Thank you for sending your ships to my harbor. They made me very happy 🙂