The Men, the Guns, and the Stupidity

I’ve recently been compelled — not against my will, exactly, because I did say, “Yes, okay,” but let’s just say that there are other things I would rather be doing — I’ve recently been compelled to watch a lot of Westerns in succession.

I reckon Westerns just ain’t my thing. I reckon in most cases — note, there are exceptions — I was pleasantly surprised by High Noon and True Grit — whereas even Morgan Freeman wasn’t enough incentive ever to watch Unforgiven again — where was I? I reckon that in most cases, I would rather eat a tumbleweed.

But — BUT — I don’t hate everything about every one of them, and if you have five minutes today, I strongly recommend that you listen to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s take on Ennio Morricone’s famous music from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

(That’s some mighty fine whistling!)

Oh! Before I sign off: Happy new year to all those celebrating!