The long road home — shown in reverse order

These won’t be my most beautiful pics, because they were taken from the plane and also because I’m jetlagged and frankly not putting my all into this post :o) — but here are some scenes from the last 2 days’ journey home. In reverse order, because I definitely don’t want to end with the cloudy, snowy Boston scene that met us upon arrival!

Arriving in Boston. It was so strange to see this landscape after two weeks near the equator!

It’s about an 8-hour flight from Amsterdam to Boston. We had a layover of many hours at AMS,
but lucky for us, Stephanie flies so much that we had access to one of the fancy lounges.
The sun rose while we waited for the plane to Boston.

It’s about an 8-hour flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam. We had a day in Nairobi (pictured from the plane) during which
I had the privilege of visiting a Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) clinic in the informal
settlement of Kibera, then, in one of the extreme reversals characteristic of this trip, had dinner at a fancy hotel
overlooking antelopes and giraffes in Nairobi’s game park.

Kenya from the plane, approaching Nairobi.

What’s this we see out the window while flying over Tanzania on the way to Kenya?

Mount Kilimanjaro! Click to embiggen.

Coast of Tanzania.

Islands around Zanzibar.

Where our long journey home began — Zanzibar Town, Zanzibar.

Maybe you can understand why I wanted to end this post at the beginning? :o)

I have more things to say about this trip. Especially about the many, many things I didn’t photograph. I hope to come back and do that in the next few days, once I’m feeling less crummy.