The Hungry Games Randutiae for a Sunday

I like the movie of Catching Fire SO much more than I liked the movie of The Hunger Games. (No spoilers here.) I’m happy about the directorial change to Francis Lawrence, who doesn’t rely on way too much shaky cam to create tension (which I blogged about when the first movie came out). I have to say, though, that I think I’m going to need a sedative or something for watching Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2. If they stick to the plots and characterizations depicted in the books, parts of it are going to be so hard to watch.

The word of the day today at is “pilcrow”, which is the punctuation symbol for “paragraph”: . I’m rather fond of this symbol, because I use it frequently in my work, when I’ve got sentences crammed together and realize there should be a paragraph break between them, or worry that my own formatting is so messy that I’ll forget to put in the paragraph break when I transcribe from my handwriting to the typed document.

 From my Bitterblue notebooks.

From a current revision.

The pilcrow makes me think of the manicule, which is the little hand with the pointy finger that means “pay special attention to this text”: . I’ve never used this in anything, but I kind of love it. if I were very rich and had an extra room and nothing to do, maybe I’d decorate the room with pages from old, handwritten manuscripts that contained beautiful, fancy, hand-drawn manicules, like some of the manicules this image search brings up.

Finally, in case you thought my subject line was a dictation error, I present The Hungry Games: