The common house zebra, when frightened, hides in the sock drawer. (For camouflage.)

This week I discovered that it’s astonishingly easy for a person with minimal sewing skills to make a zebra out of socks.

Meet Basil.

It took me maybe two hours to make Basil, no more, no kidding. I used this wonderful sock zebra pattern/tutorial at The Sewing Directory by Caroline Short, with only minor alterations.

Here’s how things looked partway through, though those who know Basil
personally may find this picture upsetting and, if so, should avert their eyes.

The quotient of adorableness to effort is very, very, VERY high.

Basil, incidentally, is a sock zebra from the planet Gallifrey.
Consequently he has two hearts, like the Doctor.

Basil likes having cousins. Maybe you should make a sock zebra, too.

The main thing I altered in the pattern is that I wanted Basil to have free arms, separate from his body. If you use tall enough socks (this pair went about halfway up the shin), you’ll have enough sock material in the sock you use for the head to create both the ears and a couple of slender arms, which I then hemmed, stuffed, and attached to the torso.

This was so straightforward that I’m not sure why the world isn’t overrun with sock zebras.

(Basil says that would be a good thing.)