Super News for a Monday; Also, a Request on Behalf of Three Ladies

Graceling is the winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature!

Here is the official announcement of all the 2009 Mythopoeic Awards.

Here is more information about the Mythopoeic Society.

Here is what the award looks like. (Except that mine won’t have Neil Gaiman’s name on it. ^_^) Isn’t it cool?

I’ll post a link to my acceptance speech once the Society puts it up on their page. In the meantime… *sniff*… thank you SO MUCH to the Mythopoeic Society for this honor.

Before I go: if you have a thought to spare for three little ladies who mean the world to me — one of whom has the world’s worst backache, on account of being pregnant with the other two, whose combined weight is about 12 pounds and growing — would you mind sending those thoughts and wishes on a karmic wind to northern Florida? I’m sure that my sister (secret code name: Cordelia) would appreciate it, and I know that I would! Hang in there, babies! Hang in there, Cordelia! Cordelia, you’re a hero! ♥