Stuff and Things, Including Holiday Gifts and Sex Ed in Our Schools (Unrelated ^_^)

[Warning for those afraid of heights and also my mother: trapeze photos below!]

A quick note to anyone who’s considering buying signed/inscribed copies of my books from Harvard Book Store as we approach the holidays: I will be out of town, hence unable to sign things, from December 11 to December 19, then again at Christmas Actual. Please time your purchases accordingly so that we can get things to you in time!  Instructions for buying signed copies are behind the link above.

Also, I recommend the article “Sex education in the US is screwing our kids,” at Salon, by Alanna Schubach for Dame, which, among other things, links the failure to educate our kids about sex to the prevalence of sexual assault on our college campuses and pretty much everywhere. Excerpt: “Any given student’s experience of sexual education, then—if she receives it at all—is subject to a staggering range of forces: congressional budgeting, state policy, school compliance, community climate, instructor competence. Often forgotten amid the clamor is an adolescent’s right to an understanding of, and ability to make decisions about, his own health. Advocates for comprehensive sex ed see a clear line between curricula riddled with misinformation, and early pregnancy, STI rates, sexual assault, and substance abuse and depression among LGBTQ youth.”

Finally, I have been remiss in reporting that TSNY Beantown, the marvelous flying trapeze school, has a new location in the heart of Boston, right next door to North Station and the TD Garden, at 35 Lomasney Way.  If you go there, you, you yourself, may learn to do this:

Or experience this:

 Or, alternately, spend a lot of time falling into the net, which is also fun.

It’s great. And it gives you an excuse to walk around town wearing strange socks with chalk all over your pants. TSNY Beantown, folks. They also have classes in silks, static trapeze, trampoline, lyra (aerial hoop), and Spanish web.  Their classes are suitable for all levels of ability; I had certainly never been on a trapeze when I went the first time.