Stuff and Things

The mailman left me a package slip, and in the space where he was supposed to write down the name of the sender, he wrote “Poland.” …? Poland sent me a package? I’m guessing it’s copies of Fire (see snazzy cover —->) from my Polish publisher, Wydawnictwo Nasza Ksiegarnia. Can’t think why he didn’t just say so. 😛

Philip Pullman is still fighting hard for libraries in England. “Philip Pullman has lambasted Brent council for its comment that closing half of its libraries would help it fulfil ‘exciting plans to improve libraries’, describing the statement as a ‘masterpiece’ which ‘ought to be quoted in every anthology of political bullshit from here to eternity’.” HA HA HA (Thanks, R)

As a freelance writer, I found this article about how to budget for an irregular income helpful… with the exception of the suggestion that one project one’s cash flow based on one’s minimum monthly income from the last 12 months. That one isn’t going to work for a lot of writers, who may have many months in the year where they make $0. Maybe what we need is for someone to write an article about how to budget for an EXTREMELY irregular income. 🙂 (Thanks, J)

Here’s an important post as we approach Halloween. It brought me close to tears and also made me think: “Open Letter to the PocaHotties and Indian Warriors This Halloween.” Read it and pass it on.

Preparing for another trip, so that’s all for now…