Stuff and Things

Today we moved me into my new office (yay!) and it feels so good. The coming week has a trip and my house move, so it’ll be a few days before I’m in the office regularly, but I can tell I’m going to love it. I’ll post pictures once it’s in order. Send good thoughts to my enormous corn plant, which definitely experienced some trauma during the move today… I think the plant might hate Kevin now, actually, though he was only doing what had to be done (and what I couldn’t do, because I can’t lift the damn thing!). It didn’t fit in the van and had to be propped weirdly sideways and wrapped up in garbage bags and hauled back and forth; it crashed to the ground more than once; we also repotted it today. But you’re home now, plant! Live!

So, that’s my new cover above. Here’s the link again for anyone who’d like to read an excerpt. Pub date is September 19 :o).

And in the meantime, some really, really lovely news about the Graceling Realm books: they’re going to be translated into Farsi, and published in Iran, by Houpaa, a publisher of children’s and young adult books based in Tehran. I am thrilled.

Be well, everyone. Happy spring (in the northern hemisphere) and fall (in the southern). :o)