So Many Pictures of Saint-Malo, So Little Wi-Fi

I think it’s impossible to take an ugly picture in Saint-Malo, which is a walled city in Brittany, right on the English Channel. Unfortunately, it takes a long time and costs a fortune for me to upload the pictures unless I have good Wi-Fi, which I don’t at the moment, so it’ll be a few days until I’m able to share. I’ll do it when I can.

A young person at Le Livre de Poche stand in the signing hall this morning: “Is Tolkien signing?”
My French publisher: “Unfortunately, he is dead.” 
(Polite but clear. Two excellent qualities of my French publisher.) 
Me, ordering room service for tomorrow’s breakfast: “Bonsoir. I would like to order breakfast for the morning.” 
The lady: “Would you like coffee or tea?”
Me: “Tea, please.” 
The lady: “Very good. You will have some orange juice and some croissant with a nice chocolat.”
Me (delighted): “Okay then!”
(Decisive and confident. Two excellent qualities of French breakfast room service.)
I am having a wonderful trip 🙂