September Fall, September Spring

On a recent morning, I left my house early to meet a friend for breakfast, then had to go back inside for some arm warmers. The shadows are growing longer here in Massachusetts, the light grows more yellow, the mornings are chilly and crisp, and a few of the very earliest trees are starting to change color – fall in New England approaches. My favorite season!

That same morning, I had an email from writer Helen Lowe, who lives in New Zealand. Here’s what she said: “…it does feel very nice to be getting into spring, although we tend to get bright days with cold winds (easterly, off the southern ocean) so lovely in a sheltered spot, but otherwise you do have to rug up when venturing the great outdoors.”

Thanks for letting me share the start of spring in New Zealand on my blog, Helen. Readers, I’m pleased to inform you that you’ll be hearing more from Helen here soon, as she’s working on a guest post for my blog.

On my way home from breakfast, I acquired two lilies for my writing desk (from Nellie’s Wild Flowers in Davis Square).

I also made a stop at the Harvard Book Store, because I saw this book in the window.

This is a beautiful (wordless) book, people. I heartily recommend you look into it. Here’s the trailer.

That was my autumn morning!