Sens and environs

Greetings from Belgium, which I’m crossing by train. I’m on my way to Amsterdam.

This is a post that will definitely require a cut. I have minimal time, but will try to make notations of locations and so on!

Sens is a town in the Burgundy region of France, about 100 km southeast of Paris.

Sens street scenes. 

I’ll go ahead and cut here. Click to see more:

The spire of the town hall is all wrapped up,
but still weirdly graceful. 

Even buildings covered with scaffolding are pretty. 

In the markets. 

The HUGE 12th C. cathedral. 
Door hinges!

Interior. This photo by Lora Fountain,
who’s my French agent. 

Effect created by the light
from the stained glass windows. 

In a grocery store outside Sens.
 I hope she has enough bread. 

Field and shadows nearby. 

House in the nearby town of Perceneige (which means “snowdrop”). 

House in Postolle, I think? Or thereabouts. 

Unusual windmill in Postolle. 

Barn above the town of Voisines (which means “neighbors”). 

Looking down on Voisines. 

Voisines again. 

This is the old mill at what is now a restaurant and inn,
Auberge des Vieux Moulins Banaux. I’m not sure
it’s clear that I’m sitting. I could be a foot shorter than
I actually am and dancing a jig. Thanks, Lora, for this pic!