Scrabble Complaint, Stuff, and Things

Graceling now exists in Norwegian. Yay! —–>

Published by Cappelen Damm and translated by Carina Westberg, whose excellent translation questions spurred my recent post about how Seabane Isn’t Real.

This is another randutiae post. Ready?

  • Some recent words my Scrabble app has rejected: Bearthin. Adjective. The particular degree of thinness of a bear coming out of hibernation. Trocheey. Adjective. Adjectival form of “trochee.” Meowlion. Noun. Really, isn’t every lion a meowlion? Evebait. Noun. Perhaps a sexist synonym for “apple.” Unshovel. Verb. Arguably if a walk is unshoveled, someone or something has unshoveled it. I would go so far as to say I’ve spent entire mornings unshoveling the walk. I did recently have the satisfaction of changing “otter” to “garotter,” but I lament the lack of style points in Scrabble. I feel, and have always felt, that it should be more like figure skating, in which the technical and the artistic scores are combined. And you should be able to argue your opponents into accepting words that aren’t really words but should be. That is the kind of Scrabble people play in heaven.
  • My sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, sent me the link to this really lovely video about a woman in Japan named Ayano Tsukimi who makes life-sized dolls of people in her village who have died or moved away, then sets them up around town.
  • Writing update: I continue to write at least one page a day of the new book. It continues to be awful. Last night, a friend asked me specifically what I meant by that, and with his help, I determined that (1) the book itself is awful, (2) the experience of writing the book is awful, and (3) awful things are happening to the people in the book. We did determine that the people themselves aren’t awful. I guess that’s something (though it does make it worse that awful things are happening to them). 🙂