Saint-Malo: Walled City by the Sea

You know, Épinal is becoming one of my favorite festivals. This festival – dedicated to fantasy/sci-fi literature and art – has such a wonderful personality, and I just love spending time with the people here. Maybe I’ll have a few pictures and some things to say, when I have more time.

This is my last post of pictures from Saint-Malo – walled fort city on the coast of Brittany. The danger with my sea pictures is of showing you different versions of the same scene over and over, but lucky for all of you, I don’t have much time this evening. So I’ll stick to highlights.

Here’s how the city looks from the beach

and here’s how the beach looks from the city.
 A view of the sea from a little lookout station in the wall.

(Here’s what that same lookout station looks like from the beach.)
Peeking into the harbor from the wall…

 and standing at the harbor’s edge.

 Fort National in the sun at low tide.

 Fort National and a tall ship!

 Fort National in the rain at higher tide 🙂