Saint-Malo: A Day in the Life at Étonnants Voyageurs


Going to sit on a panel, which may or may not be taking place inside a secret garden.
(My lovely interpreter, Hélène Bury, took this photo!)

More signing. In case you’re under the misapprehension that signing mostly involves
signing, actually it’s mostly talking about cassoulet recipes with Jean-Claude Dunyach,
watching Laurence Suhner draw beautiful pictures, and staring across the aisle at
Marie Pavlenko
and Paolo Bacigalupi. Occasionally Gilles Servat does a dance.

In a quiet moment, checking the Appendix of Bitterblue to see how to abuse a cat in French.
(If this picture looks a bit odd on the top, it’s because I realized
there’s an enormous Graceling spoiler (in French) above the entry for “Lovejoy,”
so I (clumsily) photoshopped it out. Readers, I respect you.)

Finally, after all that hard work… in a bar full of books,

where it is fun to look down on the proceedings,

and where the ceiling is held up by books…

more drinks.


I’m back in Paris now and leave for Épinal tomorrow, but I’ll share my many pictures of the town of Saint-Malo over the next few days whenever I can.