Penguin’s Teen Author Spotlight. Also, Nail Polish

As usual, I’m a little behind the curve about blogging things, but this week, to celebrate the release of the Bitterblue paperback, I’ve been the author on Penguin’s Teen Author Spotlight. Check it out if you want to see a short interview. Then scroll down and read about the other featured authors!

Also, I painted my nails. I hope Piet Mondrian and Frank Lloyd Wright would like them. Y’all know I like to subject you to my nail polish, right?

 Thank you, R, for taking this picture!

 On my right hand, gold with a teal stripe and silver tips.

 On my left hand, silver with a teal stripe and gold tips. By the way, this is a lovely beer:
Trappístes Rochefort 6. Belgian, brewed within the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy.

As long as I’m identifying the beer in the picture, I may as well identify my nail polish painting materials, for the nail painters among you: The gold is Orly “Luxe,” the silver is Orly “Shine,” and the teal is Diamond “Don’t Teal My Heart Away.” I’ll try to remember to do that in future; I don’t think I’ve been consistent about it in the past. The Orly metallics are extremely malleable and orderly and easy to paint with. The Diamond colors I have are plasticky and gloppy and soft, definitely not my favorite texture, but their colors are irresistible.