On Originality; On Freaking Out; and On the Universe

I guest-posted at Magical Musings on the topic of originality a few days ago. For my post today, I’m referring you to what I wrote over there.

In case that bores you, this weekend’s This American Life explained the banking crisis in a simple and understandable way that was funny, kind, and only slightly COMPLETELY FRAKKING TERRIFYING. It’s here if you’re interested. I’m pretty sure their link to listen to the whole episode free online will be up by the time this posts, but if not, check back with them. They always put it up soon after the weekend ends.
And in case that frightens you, remember that there’s no point freaking out about things we can’t control, recall that the sun will explode in five billion years anyway, and comfort yourself with last Friday’s gorgeous Astronomy Picture of the Day. Earthshine is one of my favorite sights — but I never knew what to call it until I saw this photo!
Happy Monday, everyone :o)