Off I Go in Search of Zing and Pep

A Dunder Mifflin staff meeting, called because Michael Scott, Regional Manager, wants to change things up in the office, create some new excitement:

MICHAEL: So, what we need to do is we need to get things going. We need to get percolating a little bit. Anybody have any ideas of what we could do? Any suggestions? Yes — Andy?

ANDY: What if we changed our outgoing answering machine message so it just had a little more ZING and a little more PEP?

MICHAEL: Zing and pep! See, those are the kinds of words we’re looking for! Who else? Yes — Jim?

JIM: What if we did an even newer voicemail message that had even more zing and pep?

MICHAEL: Now we’re cooking! I like this!

I enjoy the spirit in which Jim enters into the idiocy of his office even though he himself is not an idiot. Maybe, surrounded by all those… unique… people, he would go mad if he didn’t.

So, I’m going away to cooler climes for the week, in search of zing and pep — the zing and pep that come from good food, good company, pretty landscapes, fall weather, no computer, no Work in Progress, no phone, no email, and no internet. In other words, REST. I hope you all get some rest this week, too.