No Blogging Juice

But I can share some awesomeness. First, want to see the views from an astronaut’s camera?

<br/><a href=”” target=”_new”title=”View From An Astronaut’s Camera”>Video: View From An Astronaut’s Camera</a>

Next, here’s something that cracked me up (click to enbiggen):

Thanks to The Riot for creating it, and thanks to Hydrodynamically Captivating for bringing it to my attention.

And finally… maybe SYTYCD is getting tired of illegal youtube videos, because they’ve finally starting posting videos of the most recent dances on their website. It’s a teeny little screen (could we have them bigger, please?), there’s an Oreo ad that will make you never want to support Oreos again, there’s sometimes a black bar at the bottom of the screen unnecessarily cutting off the dancers’ feet (SRSLY? Is this the best SYTYCD can do at keeping people from searching youtube?), AND I’m sure the routines won’t be up forever, so while you have the chance, go to the SYTYCD website and click on the down arrow to the right of the “Video Extras” box until you see “Melanie and Marko,” then hit play. To paraphrase something David Letterman said once, if this dance routine doesn’t drop you, you ain’t hooked up right. Watch the others, too, of course, if you like! There were lots of good ones last night. But this one with the statues is an example of the reason I keep watching SYTYCD, despite the copious bullshit, like tonight’s judging decision for example HRRRUMPH. Careful, judges, your manipulation is showing. HRRRRUMPPH! *ahem*