Newsy Stuff, Including Movie Stuff

I’ve gotten the go-ahead to announce that India-based Reliance Entertainment is developing Graceling into a movie. From this press release at Variety: “producer Deepak Nayar (‘Paranoia’) will oversee the project for Reliance and Kintop Pictures and will produce alongside Tabrez Noorani (‘Life of Pi’) of Tamasha Talkies and Leigh Ann Burton for Blu-Sky Media. British screenwriter Piers Ashworth (‘Nostradamus’) will write the script.” Here’s a USA Today mention, and one in the Wall Street Journal.

There is also a Facebook page for Graceling the movie.

This is only the first step of many, but it’s a very good start. If it makes you happy, please feel free to help us by spreading the word :). My gratitude to the entire team! I will post any news as I receive it.

Also: soon I’m going to be overseas for a month. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a signed/personalized copy of any of my books from the Harvard Book Store and want to catch me before I fly away, here’s your notice that you should try to get that order in by about, oh, May 10 or 11.

Readers in France: I will be at Étonnants Voyageurs in Saint-Malo, 18-20 May, and Imaginales in Épinal, 23-26 May. I’ll post more info once I know my schedule.