News (Mine), Failure (Mine), and Cupcakes (Everyone’s. The Joy of Cupcakes Is Universal)

A box of French Gracelings appeared on my doorstep on Friday, so either it’s out now in France or it will be soon. yAt!

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that I have a deal with Ediposs Publishing House to publish Graceling in both Czech and Slovak. Double yAt!

Next, I’d just like to say that I’m way behind in EVERYTHING, especially everything email- and blog-related. I had hopes of finalizing my FAQ pages this weekend and putting them up for you all, but I failed on that count. I hope to put the FAQs pages up soon (maybe next weekend?), and when I do, they should answer a lot of the questions I’ve gotten in comments and on email lately.

Finally, like the t-shirt I got in New York?

I got it (and a delicious cupcake) at the Magnolia Bakery. And I got my photography degree at The University of How-to-Take-Terrible-Self-Portraits-in-Which-Your-Head-Looks-Eerily-Large.
Pics from Bologna coming soon!