My Lion and My Unicorn

Sometime last fall, I discovered the strange and beautiful work of Pete at The Builder’s Studio. Pete creates his work by hand out of wood. I got in touch and asked him if he would consider making me a lion robot.

This guy showed up on my doorstep a few weeks later.

Oh my goodness.

Look at his mane.

He’s wearing GLASSES.

 I wrote back to Pete.  I said something along the lines of, “Pete, given that this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen, would you consider making me a unicorn robot?”

A lot of time passed. I had given Pete a specific window of time for the lion, but I decided not to do that for the unicorn. As the months went by, Pete emailed me now and then to let me know how it was going. He was having trouble with the mane, he couldn’t get various parts quite how he liked them. I wasn’t in any hurry. I foresaw no emergency need for a unicorn robot. I told him to take his time.

Boy am I glad I did, because look what just showed up on my doorstep.


Look at his hooves.

Look at his horn.


Some details.

More details.

I’m sharing these photos because I don’t know what your personal robotic sculpture needs are, but you should talk to Pete about them. The lion is just over 4 inches long and about 3 1/2 inches tall. The unicorn is almost 6 inches long and about 5 inch tall. They do not have moving parts. They are SO GREAT. They are shown standing on my scanner, which is where they like to hang out at the moment.

Pete, thank you for your gorgeous work!