Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses (But Moses Supposes Erroneously)

So, my sister (secret code name: Cordelia) and I have a lot of deep and meaningful discussions. Often, we find ourselves on the same side of the argument. For example, we’ve decided that given the choice of living with a whiner, a wino, or a rhino, we would both choose the rhino. And, the other night, while driving out of the parking lot of the dinner theater, we debated whether it would be worse for us to accidentally run over a patron or a matron. We agreed that while both would be dreadful, the matron would somehow be more dreadful.

Of course, we don’t always agree. I asked Cordelia once which she would rather have, a car that doesn’t stop or a car that doesn’t go. She chose the car that doesn’t stop, on the grounds that at least that car has one more good go left in it.
*. . . .*
More recently, we disagreed on who’s better, the ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov or the Irish step dancer Michael Flatley. I chose Baryshnikov (even though I adore Irish step dancing), and she chose Flatley (even though she adores people in ruffled tights leaping about). I think if she’d just take another look at Michael Flatley’s strange headgear, and maybe watch some Sex in the City, she’d come over to my side. She insists she wouldn’t. What can I do?
Finally, lest anyone imagine that the only sister o’ mine with whom I ever come into conflict is Cordelia, just listen to this. Yesterday, finding myself increasingly suspicious of the results of my “What Must Be?” poll (eight fabulous options, and almost 30% of voters are choosing flying squirrels??!), I extracted a confession from my sister, secret code name: Apocalyptica, who happens to be the proud owner of a flying squirrel. Apocalyptica linked to my poll on the National Flying Squirrel Association‘s message boards! ON PURPOSE, TO SKEW MY RESULTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! NOW I NEED ALL OF YOU TO GO LINK TO MY POLL ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS OF AGONY, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, WRINKLES IN TIME, PASTRAMI SANDWICHES, BRASS QUINTETS, AND DEATH, TO UN-SKEW ME!
I can’t believe it. THAT FLIMFLAMMER!
Do you have siblings? Are they like mine? ;o)
And do you like to watch dance? What kinds?
Also — if you recognize the song lyrics in my title, then you know what show Cordelia and I saw at the dinner theater. (^_^) (Btw, click on the little HQ in the right-hand corner to watch it in high quality!)