Monday Randutiae

So, when I posted about Winter’s Bone a few weeks back, I didn’t realize that the main actress, Jennifer Lawrence (whom I greatly admired), is our future Katniss Evergreen. (Edit: EverDEEN. Can I blame that on my voice recognition software? It’s clearly read Harry Potter and a lot of Charles Dickens, but The Hunger Games must still be in its TBR pile.) Here’s a link to portraits of the cast of The Hunger Games, which will be released… I have no idea when. But I’m sure it’s easy enough to find out. *coughs lazily* I hope for your sake that when you click on the link, you’re not compelled to watch a preview of the new tv show The Playboy Club like I was. Gee, that show doesn’t look like it’s going to be demeaning to women or anything.

But at least I can scrub my brain clean with the news that Elizabeth Warren is going to challenge Scott Brown in the next Senate race in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren, you have my vote.

Next, I would like to officially state my opinion that the reason Masterpiece Mystery hired Alan Cumming as its host is so that at the end of every introduction, he can drop his voice a register and say the word “murder” as only a Scottish person can. This little promo video starring Cumming doesn’t end with the word “murder,” but at least you can get an idea of what I mean.

Finally, thanks to my friend Kristin for sending me this video of magical creatures walking on the beach. The kinetic sculptures, made of plastic tubes and lemonade bottles, are by Dutch artist Theo Jansen; The New Yorker is the source. The creatures are called Strandbeests. :o)

(If you loved that, I highly recommend Theo Jansen’s 8-minute TED talk (below), in which he explains a little more about how they work and what he’s trying to do.)