Kevin Hikes Off and I Write

At my beautiful writing cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska, overlooking the mountains of Denali National Park, I took pictures….

It’s raining in the moutains…
See the face?

I took this one at sunset, around 10:30pm….

While Kevin, preparing for his solo hiking trip, counted calories in chocolate, pasta, jerky, etc. to make sure he was bringing enough.

It was a big job, but eventually, everything he needed — food, water, layers, tent, stove, fuel, sleeping bag, thermarest, GoPro, snowshoes, etc., etc. — was in the pack.

Even after he fell asleep, I was still taking pictures.

Took this one around midnight. That’s the western sky.

And the western sky again around 3AM. That little bump is the top of Denali.

In the morning, the mountain was out.

We drove to Denali State Park, home of Kesugi Ridge, where Kevin would be hiking. He hydrated….

Put on his gaiters….

And then he was off.

There he goes! Have fun Kevin!
On the drive on my way back to my writing cabin, I took another picture of Denali…

For you see,  though I’m officially writing while Kevin’s away, I also have a mountain-themed adventure of my own on my planner. More soon here on the blog :).