It’s Crazy Season on the Blog

French cover of BB —->

Someday, I will have a plane to catch and not feel like I’m on the wrong side of an insurmountable To Do list. I’m sorry guys, I have lots of good books I want to talk about, but I just can’t get it together right now. I also want to talk about So You Think You Can Dance Australia (that link will open one of my favorite group routines from season one), which is different from the American show in a number of refreshing ways (less homophobia!). But there’s no time! ACK! I fear it’s going to be this way until the Bitterblue release. There is so much to do.

I should have tour details soon. In the meantime: local people! My first tour event is at the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library at 6 PM on May 1. Porter Square Books will be there, selling books.

Nonlocal people, here is a VERY ROUGH schedule with no details, subject to change and also to additions: May 2 Rhinebeck NY; May 3 Philadelphia PA; May 4 Washington DC/Bethesda MD; May 5 Naperville IL; May 6 Minneapolis MN; May 7 Minnetonka MN; May 9 Seattle WA; May 10 Sebastopol CA. Stay tuned for more information.

I leave for Houston and TLA Tuesday. Sorry about the crazy, nonbloggy state of the blog.  Things will calm down eventually!