In Which Schmetterling Is My New Favorite Word

The discussion of favorite and least favorite words has been delightful. I’ve learned that Schmetterling is the German word for butterfly — isn’t it beautiful?

So, do you ever feel like you need a good cry — not necessarily because anything terrible has happened, but just because you need to clear out your system and process things? What do you do in times like that? I do things like listen to sad music (like Barber’s Adagio for Strings — here’s a gorgeous choral version), or meditate, or watch the My So-Called Life episode where Sharon’s dad is in the hospital (that one gets me weeping every time!). My sister, secret codename: Cordelia, used to be very accommodating when I needed a cry and couldn’t seem to get started — she would offer to give me a good kick or something. (Cordelia is a therapist. Real good with that emotions stuff. ^_^.)

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately, and I haven’t had time to arrange for a good cry. But in the meantime, here’s one thing I’ve been able to process: one of my orchids is white, but the backs of the petals have some pink in them, so when sunlight shines through the petals, the petals glow pink. Oh my goodness, I love it. Here’s something else I can process: I will get to see the babies for a day on my tour!

What little things do you love?

Happy (late) Rosh Hashanah to any of my readers celebrating the New Year :o)