In Which I Do Something Extraordinary

While Kevin was off hiking on his own…
I treated myself to something special.

I boarded a little red plane…

And we flew to Denali. Click on any picture to embiggen.
The peak on the left is Denali. That’s a glacier flowing through the center of the picture.
We flew all the way around Denali.
 Glacier on left, peaks on right.
We flew low over glaciers.
We flew so close to the peaks!
Did I mention I got to sit in the cockpit? That’s Chip flying the plane.
Those colorful dots are tents of climbers on their approach to Denali base camp. See the lines in the snow? Base camp is along the path to the left. The dark shape at the top is the shadow of the mountain.

Follow the line to those few little dots in the left middlish part of the picture. That’s Denali base camp!

Then guess what we did?

Some hikers needed a pickup…
So we landed in the Ruth Glacier Gorge.
We landed on a glacier!
The plane landed on skis.
It was silent, except for the occasional avalanche. It was HUGE.
Definitely click this one to embiggen.

A day like this called for a snow angel.

Thank you, K2 Aviation and Denali National Park, for this unforgettable experience. There are no words, so just click on this picture.