In Which Graceling Steps Into the World; Also, a Cry for Help

Well, folks, reports have been coming in from friends with sharp eyes: Graceling has been spotted in bookstores in Union Square (NYC); Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA); Decatur, GA; Atlantic Beach, FL; Jacksonville, FL; and St. Cloud, MN. And it’s in stock at and, though not yet at I guess it’s official — Graceling exists. Please support independent bookstores! And if you have any interest in buying a signed copy, please contact my local bookstore, the Bookmark, by calling (904) 241-9026 or emailing bkmark at bellsouth dot net. Then they’ll call me and say, Kristin, get your ass out here and sign this, and I’ll be tickled pink, because the Bookmark is only a block from the sea, and I always like a good excuse to go to the sea.

In other news, sometime in the next week I need to record an interview for an audio podcast, and one of the questions is about what I’m reading. I want to answer the question honestly, but I find myself in a pickle. I hope someone can help me. Anyone know how these peeps pronounce their names?:
  • Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist monk and author of many things, including Peace Is Every Step. My sister, secret code name Apocalyptica, pronounces it Thick Snot, but I’m thinking that might be wrong.
  • Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring and Falling Angels. The French way? The English way? Some third way I haven’t thought of?
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of Flow and Creativity. Really. That’s his name.
If no one can help me then I’m either going to have to lie about what I’m reading, boldly mispronounce things, or quick-get-through-these-books in the next few days and move on to books by people named Cat and Pot. (I don’t actually mind lying. It’s just that I’m reading good books, and I want to talk about them. And I’d rather not sound like an idiot in the process.)
Finally, the other day at sunset, I saw a baby blue heron. It was walking along the river all floppy, lifting its knees practically above its head — as if its feet were too big. And it was so small, and so very blue. Wonderful! Welcome, baby heron, to the world!
And Graceling, welcome to you, too. It’s been a long gestation.