In Which a Zebra Unicorn Is Creepier Than Anticipated!

This year’s Halloween costume involved less preparation than usual. I’ll be honest, I’m still recovering from the year I dressed up as a library. My goal this year was something creative yet simple to assemble.
I glitter-striped a unicorn horn and made myself some ears…
Then attached them to a Cruella deVil style black-and-white wig.
I figured a zebra unicorn wears something sparkly and striped, right?
Nothing odd about this dress… *cough*
And this is when things got intense. The plan all along was to study the way stripes sit on a zebra’s face, then paint that pattern on my own face to create something magical. But it turned out SO CREEPY!
 Creepy’s okay with me, though.
Click on any picture to embiggen/get a more focused view.
Till next year! :o)