Iceland: Driving Through the South

I drove from Vík to Skaftafell (the route). I’m going to try to be really selective with my pictures, but the thing is, in this part of the country you encounter the GLACIER that takes up a huge portion of southeast Iceland, Vatnajökull. It’s difficult to contain oneself when there is a glacier.

When you’re on the Ring Road in the south, most things you’re photographing are
to the north, and it is REALLY HARD to keep your own shadow out of the picture
(because you’re only a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle and the sun is very low.
I took this picture at noon.)

I’m being followed by my noon shadow. (*cough* sorry)

Seen along the way…

Then, suddenly, a glacier flow!

And another.

Svartifoss, in Skaftafell National Park.

Some of the water freezes where it lands.

For some reason, I had an irrepressible urge to follow one of these signs.

It was windy at the top of the ridge. I took a self-portrait.

Park staff presumably live here… overlooking the GLACIER.

Sel, an old farmstead inside the park that’s open to visitors.

Turf roofs at Sel!

And finally, a couple more shots of the glacier…

…the glacier.