Iceland: Akureyri in November

Akureyri is my final destination in Iceland. I’m here for a few days, and I confess that my hours have been consumed by writing – which means less picture taking. But I have taken a few snapshots of this beautiful northern town! Some taken from my own windows – I’ve got some wonderful writing views.

This strikes me as a very sensible spot given the circumstances.

Akureyri’s impressive (but closed to tourists in November) church.

A city on the water.

Possibly Iceland’s favorite color? :o)

Look closely, or you’ll miss the little wheels beside the big wheels…

I’m definitely not accustomed to sunrise this late.
(BTW, if the numbers puzzle you, those temps are in Fahrenheit.)

Sunrise view from my windows while writing.

Another view from my windows – the 11 o’clock sun, rising over misting water.
(Sorry about the glare! I took it through the window!)

Early sunset.

4 PM moon.

Writing view on a snowy day.

This may be my last post of pictures from Iceland, depending on how the next few days go. I had so much fun posting them, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them! I thought to myself, on one of my driving days, that now that I’ve been here, I hardly need to go anywhere else. Of course that’s not true, but Iceland inspires those kind of feelings. I promise I’ll come back.