Iceland: A Farm Hotel Stay Near Laugarvatn

 After visiting Gulfoss

 and watching Strokkur erupt

 (and watching other people enjoy the geothermal activity at Geysir),
I moved on to my farm hotel for the night, Efsti-Dalur II,

 where the views – and the smell – brought tears springing to my eyes –

 because even though I am far, far away from home in a country oh so different,

 it reminded me so much of where I grew up (surrounded by farmland in Northeast Pennsylvania).

 The smell is sweet and sour. Sour grass, and the sense that there are cows in the vicinity.

 I had the most delicious dinner in the restaurant, with all-local ingredients –
the tomatoes and other vegetables grown in nearby greenhouses.
 The delicious caramel ice cream in the picture above was made on the farm with the farm’s cream.

While I ate upstairs, these guys were eating downstairs.

 At breakfast, this milk made my tea AMAZING.

Thank you, Efsti-Dalur II, for a beautiful visit. I’d like to stay for weeks and weeks while writing a book. 🙂