How to Buy Signed/Personalized Copies of My Books

Hi everyone! Just checking in with a nice announcement: I am once again signing/personalizing books via my local indie, Harvard Book Store

I no longer live around the corner from the store, so I expect to go in for signing and personalizing only about once a month or so — so please order ahead if you anticipate wanting something! Once I have more info about holiday deadlines, I’ll come back and blog about that. In the meantime, feel free to go ahead and start ordering. Here is the link:

Notice the instructions at the top: When checking out, indicate in the comments field that you would like a signed copy. Include any personalization you’d like as well. I’m happy to honor requests to wish someone a happy birthday, good luck with their writing, etc., but please do note that if you ask me to write something I’m not comfortable signing my name to (!), I won’t honor those requests. (Yes, I’ve occasionally been asked to write some head-scratchers…) 😂

Hope everybody is doing well. I’ll be back very soon with info about upcoming online events for Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel adaptation of Graceling, which releases on November 16! And now I’ll send you off with a picture from today, in Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Trees with red, orange, yellow, and green leaves in Mount Auburn Cemetery.