Here’s the Paperback Cover for Jane, Unlimited!

In some other universe somewhere, some other version of me blogs all the time. She blogs about the writing she’s doing every day, how hopeless it feels, where her motivation comes from, what’s hardest today, how she keeps her spirits up when the end feels so far away, what it’s like for those who support her emotionally and/or live with her :o). She blogs about the small adventures she’s having all the time, and what they mean to her. She blogs pictures of the crocuses poking through the endless snow. She blogs more about what it was like to write Jane, Unlimited, and how it feels that next fall is the tenth anniversary of Graceling. (Next fall is the tenth anniversary of Graceling, everyone! ^_^) She probably doesn’t blog much about current politics, because even Imaginary Kristin has her emotional limits…. But. She blogs a Whole Lot More.

I have some adventures coming up in 2018 that I will definitely be blogging about. 100%. But not today. Today, once again, I’m going to fling a single picture at you, then get back to the book I am trying so hard to get out of my head and onto paper. It (the book) contains all the things I’m not blogging about. Adventures and what they mean; hopelessness and how to keep pushing on; love and what matters; politics, and how to fight back against selfishness and cruelty. All with a fun plot, one hopes. ?? Sigh. *flops*

Anyway, the picture. It’s the new Jane, Unlimited cover, for the paperback version, which releases July 10! I think it’s possible to preorder behind this link (click on “Paperback”), though a lot of those vendors might not have the new cover on display yet. It’s very, very new. I hope you love it. I love my hardcover cover and I love this one too; they’re both unique, and they both feel right to me. (And it’s such a difficult book to encapsulate in a cover!) Thank you so much to the team at Penguin who put this together.