“Hello, hello, hello, hello. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. That’s all there is….”

(from Simon & Garfunkel’s “Leaves That Are Green”)

Goodbye to my darling Super Conquerant 80-sheet hardback spiral notebook made in Spain by Enri. For years, we’ve had something special, you and I… but now my trusty neighborhood stationer, Bob Slate, tells me that you’ve been discontinued, probably by the importer. Alas! No more will I fold you over my knee and cover you with a thousand sweet scribbles. No more will you travel with me everywhere I go, simply because I cannot bear to let you out of my sight. No more… *sniff*… will I tuck you in to sleep at night in the fireproof, waterproof safe! Oh, my darling! *weeps; rends clothing*


So, I’m not so precious about my writing process that I’m going to try to figure out how to get my exact brand of notebook from Europe. Actually, I’m slightly that precious, but it’d be a lot healthier to just accept that the notebook is no longer available, don’t you think? So this means I’m in the market for a new hardback, spiral-bound, college-ruled (those are my three priorities, from most important to least) notebook. Happily, I have 2 more of my notebooks in the supply closet, so there’s plenty of time to do this search. This is something I need to do in person, not online, so if you have any recommendations for stationery stores in the greater Boston area or in New York City, please let me know! I actually had some luck with Kate’s Paperie in New York last week — found a real possibility, also made in Spain — but I like stationers, so any excuse to poke around looking at fine paper is always welcome. :o)

Are you picky about anything the way I’m picky about my notebooks? I’m also this picky about tea, oatmeal, umbrellas, Italian pastries, and… most of my favorite things, really. ^_^

Finally, if you’re enjoying the music, I’ll leave you with one more Simon & Garfunkel tune, particularly suitable for a weathery day. Art, your voice is the prettiest.