“Have we met?”

Here’s a moment from the first time Buffy’s mother, Joyce, officially meets Buffy’s vampire nemesis, Spike:

Joyce [pleasantly]: Have we met?
Spike: Um, you hit me with an axe one time.
[Joyce looks confused]
Spike: Remember? [helpfully brandishes imaginary axe] “Get the hell away from my daughter! Rawr!!!”

So, now and then I like to ask my readers to take a minute to introduce themselves. I expect I have a lot of regular readers who don’t comment; I’m sure I have readers who’re just passing through for the day; doubtless I have readers who got here by accident, having misspelled “Kristin Chenowith,” and wish they’d never ended up here at all. :o)

Anyway, no pressure. But today I extend an invitation to all of you — even the lurkers and the shy — to tell me a little bit about yourself in a comment. You don’t have to tell me your real name. But maybe you’d like to tell me where you are? What you do? What you feel like eating today? What TV show you like to watch? If you could be magically transported anywhere this moment, where would you choose?

Everyone is welcome! (Um, except for spammers.) Two friendly reminders. First, please be kind to other readers — NO PLOT SPOILERS! Second, I’ll only see your comment if you post it on my Blog Actual; I do not see comments posted on LJ, Amazon, etc.

The floor is yours!