Happy Spring

Sure is spring-like around here.

This No Blogging thing is intensely peaceful, but I thought I’d break in with a few things that’ve been piling up.

First, the Horn Book Magazine asked me what’s the strangest children’s book I’ve ever read… so I wrote them a little piece about Moomins. If you can’t get your hands on the current (March/April 2013) issue but want to read my words, follow the link.

Next, the recent This American Life episode “Reruns” — about people stuck in a particular moment — was all-around great, but I especially adored the final act, in which Sarah Vowell discusses people who inappropriately equate themselves with Rosa Parks. Vowell is so dry and funny and CORRECT. Follow the link to listen.

Finally, underwater photojournalist Brian Skerry’s TED talk contains some spectacular photos, and also some hope for our oceans.  Press play.