Guess Where I Amn’t

I intended to publish a “Guess Where I Am” blog post during a recent trip but never made the time. So I’m not actually there anymore… But guess what lovely city is pictured below!

 It’s a city with lots of new glass

 and signs of old industry.

 Tall old buildings tucked among the new shiny ones

 and houses perched at the top of snowy hills!

 Pretty reservoirs.

 Pretty snowstorms through the windows.

 While I was there, I disposed of some enemies

and engaged in sundry other misbehavior.

 Won’t you be my neighbor?

 In fact, it is possible to ride a little red trolley in this city. It’s a funicular, called the “incline” by locals…

 and takes you to the top of one of the biggest hills in the very hilly city…

 of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.

(Thank you to my sisters, codenames: Cordelia and Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, for being the kind of people who think it’s hilarious to be photographed being thrown off a bridge.)

ETA Sunday morning. Just in case any of my blog readers decide it would be hilarious to dangle a loved one over a drop for the purposes of creating a Kodak moment (and having just remembered about seabane), I figured I’d point out that it does, in fact, require massive strength to dangle a  person. Much more strength than I have and I expect more strength than most people have. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that Apocalyptica is holding herself to the bridge and is well-balanced, with me there to tip her legs down should anything go wrong. Please don’t dangle your people! :o)